Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting in my Christmas Gift Box?

Each Boss Babe Christmas box includes 1 notepad, 1 coffee mug, 1 black ballpoint pen, and 1 bottle of Barefoot Pink Moscato (187ml).

There are 3 options to choose from. Click here for details.

How much does a Christmas Gift Box Cost?

Each Boss Babe Gift Box is TT $299 + delivery (TT $30)

How much is delivery?

At this time, delivery within Trinidad and Tobago is $30.

How can I pay for my Christmas Gift Box?

You can choose the following options at checkout:

  1. Direct bank transfer: banking details are shared after you place your order
  2. Payment on delivery: all forms of payment are accepted
  3. WiPay: credit card & visa debit cards are accepted
Do I need a WiPay account to pay online?

All you need is a credit card or visa debit card. Don’t worry, it’s safe! None of your information is stored.

Where do I send the payment receipt after making a payment online?

Send it to with your order number.

When will I receive my Christmas Gift Box?

Your Christmas Gift Box will be delivered to your chosen address within 3 business days after your order is placed. If you choose direct bank transfer, it will be delivered within 3 business days after payment is received.

How do I create an account?

At this time, an account is only automatically created after your first purchase.

I'm trying to place an order but it's saying my username and email address is not valid.

At this time, an account is only automatically created after your first purchase. Ignore the portion to the top where it says to sign in, if you’re a returning customer. Continue to fill out all the other information below and your order will be processed.

Is there a Beauty Pack in December?

At this time, only Christmas Gift Boxes are available. Our regular monthly themed Packs will return in 2022.

Can I shop without purchasing a Christmas Gift Box?

Sure you can, click here to get started. We have lots of affordable gift ideas.