About Us

Beauty Pack is a monthly Pack featuring 5 beauty products for you to sample. It can be a combination of sample sachets, travel size, or full-size products from international and local brands. Each month will be themed, focusing on either a beauty need or routine.
Beauty Pack was birthed by a skincare product junkie, who enjoyed getting surprise boxes every month, from international providers. However, there were some challenges, that started to decrease the fun of it over the years. After falling in love with a sample, most times, it was not available locally, and the increasing shipping costs by skybox providers over the years, made purchasing full sized products and maintaining box subscriptions difficult.
Trinidad & Tobago is flooded with brands for all beauty categories; skin, hair, nails, other.
As the good ole saying goes…We Trinis in Everything!
We’re going to help you and make this easy. When you fall in love with a monthly feature that you’ve tried, we’d be telling you exactly where you can purchase it locally.
Beauty Pack also intends to use our platform to encourage, empower, and inspire women.